Webinars Communicating Value of a Risk Reduction Culture - Page 40

Achieving a Culture of Risk Elimination (Three Doors to World Class Performance) Awareness Door Process Door Culture Door When Senior Leadership Decides that EHS is Important and Provides Strong, Sustained Visible Support that is Recognized Throughout the Organization Desired Outcomes Will be Achieved When Policies, Procedures and Standard Work for EHS are Developed and Implemented, Additional Improvements in EHS Performance will be Realized. Written Documents will not Achieve this, it is the Consistent Implementation of them that Leads to Better EHS Outcomes. This is the Hardest Door to Crack. It is when the Organization Values and Lives a Culture of Risk Elimination that is Embraced by all Employees. It is a Constant Effort to Ensure that as the Organization Evolves the Risk Elimination Value Remains Constant. Communicating the Value of Risk Reduction – September 2013 40