Webinars Communicating Value of a Risk Reduction Culture - Page 25

Global Risk For Non-Compliance Remains High $10.8 Million, 29 dead, Jail $4.1 Million USA: The nation’s second largest grocery store chain has agreed to pay a $600,000 civil penalty and implement a corporate-wide plan to significantly reduce its emissions of ozone-depleting substances from refrigeration equipment at 659 of its stores nationwide. USA: At Upper Big Branch Mine in West Virginia, 29 men were killed in April 2010 in the largest coal disaster in 40 years. The former President was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison. MSHA issued 369 citations after its investigation of the disaster and levied $10.8 million in penalties ¥16 Million, Jail China: Jinye Company fined 16 million Yuan for discharging Arsenic. Company President and General Manager were imprisoned for 3 & 4 years respectively and fined between 150,000 and 300,000 Yuan $81 Million USA: May 2013 – A large retail company is required to pay more than $81 million in fines as a result of illegally handling and disposing of hazardous materials at its retail stores across the United States. VND 2 billion Vietnam: Establishments which cause serious environmental pollution are now subject to severe monetary penalties up to VND $2 billion (US $ 95,000), four times more than the current fine. Criminal charges, 15 deaths Italy: On 26 November 2013, 11 people will have to stand before the Milan Criminal Court to answer for the death of 15 workers who were victims of asbestos-related diseases. The 11 people who will face the judges are former managers of a multinational tire company. Communicating the Value of Risk Reduction – September 2013 25