Webinars Communicating Value of a Risk Reduction Culture - Page 2

Practical Details Today’s Moderator: Virginia Shaffer • Senior Marketing & Sales Coordinator Muting and sound quality • Due to the number of participants, we have muted everyone to ensure a good sound quality for everyone. • If you experience sound quality problems, please make sure you are using a wired connection with adequate bandwidth. If the problem continues, please call into the teleconference. Questions and answers • We will be answering questions at the end of the presentation. • Please submit your questions to the presenters using the Q&A function on WebEx. • We will try to answer as many questions as possible. Further information • Would you like Continuing Education credit for this webinar? Please don’t forget to stay active in the webinar & fill out the exit survey! • For a copy of the presentation or any additional information, please be sure to complete the exit survey after the webinar. Communicating the Value of Risk Reduction – September 2013 2