Webinars Communicating Value of a Risk Reduction Culture - Page 18

Low Employee Morale, Supply Chain Disruption, Brand Damage Operational Risk can lead to… Legal Risk can lead to… Demoralizing Employee Morale: Supply Chain Costs: Human Risk (Human Error) can lead to… Brand Damage: After two explosions, deaths and hospitalizations, low pay and excessive work hours: 300 workers at a factory in Chengdu threatened a technology contract manufacturer with a mass suicide. Mass riots occurred and brawls eventually led to a forced shutdown. 1.3 million PlayStations (EUR160 million) prevented from being imported into the Netherlands due to high levels of Cadmium. Company had to replace impounded cables with cadmium-free components. A large Pharmaceutical is currently being investigated for illegal briberies to Doctors made by China Director of Human Resources, VP, and Legal Affairs Director Complete Cease of Operations: Four tanneries in Nigeria were forced to shut down completely for “insulting the environment” Communicating the Value of Risk Reduction – September 2013 Major net sales losses after incident in Europe & Japan, share price slumped 3.5% in London and 2.4% on the NYSE 18