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Q: RPC only allows one travel agent reservation this year. Last year I made 2. Is this correct?

A: As a Gold RPC agent you do have the ability to book 2 rooms. If you did not reach Gold this year, you will only be able to book 1 room.

Q: Are the resorts in Negril on 7 mile beach? If not are they on a private beach?

A: The Riu Negril and Riu Palace Tropical Bay are located on Bloody Bay Beach. None of the beaches in Jamaica are private.

Q: I have submitted my information on several occasions and have yet to get confirmation back. So, I've lost the credit on my bookings.

A: Please send RPC an email with the booking info to rpc@riu.com

Q: are wedding enhancements commissionable? like upgraded wedding packages etc

A: No.

Q: are transfers for exchange properties offered by the resort, or is it clients responsibility

A: Where we have exchange privileges, the resorts are within walking distance.

Q: Are the travel agent rates the same throughtout the year?

A: No. They vary by season and resort.

Q: Do you welcome home based hosted agents?

A: Yes.

Q: If with a host agent , do we use their IATA number to register?

A: You will need to confirm with your host agency.

Q: How many rooms at RIU Palace?

A: 289 rooms at the Riu Palace Jamaica and 416 at the Riu Palace Tropical Bay

Q: Why aren’t your points transferable from Agency to Agency?

Why won’t they follow you?"

A: The points belong to the agency and the manager needs to give the ok to RPC for them to transfer the points

Q: I had a large group at Riu MBJ last spring and there was very little food available after hours. Just some pre made sandwiches which ran out after about 10 or 11. Is this the norm?

A: The resorts do have snack food at the resorts. Normally, they will re-stock food as it runs out.

Q: Greetings! I have a group that will be staying at Riu Reggae 7/22-7/28 and they are hearing that the pools close early. Is this true?

A: Pools close around 6 - 7pm to give time to clean them.

Q: When booking a connecting room will not need to book 2 of them to accommodate 1 family or will 1 be enough

A: Please confirm when you are making the booking depending on the tour operator but normally the connecting room category is 2 rooms

Q: If you switch agencies can you take your points with you to the new agency (transfer points)?

A: As long as the manager of the past agency gives the ok to RPC

Q: I stayed at a RIU property in January can I used that stay to receive points

A: Yes. As long as your room was not booked through RPC you can submit it for points

Q: riu specialist updates you get 500 points... not showing up

A: Please check with your BDM for this particular case

Q: Can you please explain how to sign up for the Riu Speacialist Training. I've been having a hard time getting assistance on this?

A: You need to be a member of RPC first to sign up for the Riu Specialist program.

Q: I have a group staying at the Palace in December is it too late to add on the birthday package?

A: Not at all. It can be added up to 1 month prior

Q: Do you set up site inspections if we give you the list of hotels we'd like to see?

A: Yes. Your BDM can assist you with arranging site inspections

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