WEBINAR RIU Hotels & Resorts and Reggae Tours Jamaica - Page 16

Q: How can a travel Agent qualify & participate in upcoming FAM trips

A: You can check with your tour operator for organized fams. Otherwise, you can book your independent fam through RPC

Q: so when are the points awarded with Riu partner club?

A: You will see the points in your account about 2 days after check out

Q: Does the Group Benefits apply to weddings - the coctail hour specifically?

A: Group benefits to apply to weddings as well.

Q: Are there more than just junior suites In Ocho Rios?

A: Yes. We have multiple room categories. Please check with your BDM if you would like the list sent to you.

Q: My clients have not received gifts noted from me upon arrival. How do we get a small gift to clients celebrating birthdays, honeymoons, etc.

A: Please advise RPC if your clients did not receive a gift by emailing them at rpc@riu.com. You can also email the resort with special requests

Q: When booking through RPC for personal travel, it has been impossible to upgrade to a better room even when willing to pay. Why is that? What can be done?

A: Rooms through RPC are the lead in category. You can check when you arrive to see if there is an upgraded room available and what the cost would be to upgrade.

Q: Where do I find information about the gold level for RPC?

A: You can email RPC at rpc@riu.com

Q: Riu specialist updates you get 500 points... not showing up

A: Please check with your BDM for this particular case

Q: Can you please explain how to sign up for the Riu Speacialist Training. I've been having a hard time getting assistance on this?

A: You need to be a member of RPC first to sign up for the Riu Specialist program.

Q: I have a group staying at the Palace in December is it too late to add on the birthday package?

A: Not at all. It can be added up to 1 month prior

Q: Do you set up site inspections if we give you the list of hotels we'd like to see?

A: Yes. Your BDM can assist you with arranging site inspections