WEBINAR RIU Hotels & Resorts and Reggae Tours Jamaica - Page 15

Q: Does any of the properties have foam parties

A: Yes, many of the resorts now offer the very popular foam parties.

Q: I had clients at RIU Reggae in December. They had a birthday they were celebrating but were not staying at the property over the exact date of the birthday. The front desk said they had to stay on the date of their birthday to get a cake brought to the room - is that correct?

A: Depending on how close their birth date is to their stay, we can ask the resort to have a cake sent during dinner.

Q: I have clients booked for a 65th birthday at RIU Ocho Rios. How do I send a gift from the agent and make sure the client receives it?

A: You can either email the resort directly or submit the booking through your RPC account. When you submit at least 1 week prior the guest will receive a little gift in the room from you.

Q: I tried over and over to enroll with the Riu Partner and never could do it and I don't why.

A: Please send an email to your Riu BDM. We would be happy to help out.

Q: Greetings, what are the exchanges in Montego Bay again?

A: Riu Palace Jamaica can use Riu Reggae and Riu Montego Bay. Riu Reggae can use Riu Montego Bay. Riu Montego Bay can use Riu Montego Bay only. Dinner always needs to be in your own resort.

Q: Can you use your points to upgrade if you booked thru a tour company?

A: No. Points can only be used towards complimentary stays for yourself booked through RPC

Q: Do you have to use your points

directly with Riu?

A: Yes.

Q: Yes, I have Riu points and I have a

reservation thru a tour company at the Riu Palace In Cancun in a std room. Can I upgrade with my points?

A: No. Points can only be used towards complimentary stays for yourself booked through RPC

Q: Is the RIU Ocho Rios scheduled for renovation in the next year or two?

A: We do not have the exact dates but resorts are normally closed for a major renovation every 10 years or so.

Q: Do the family friendly resorts have adults only pools?

A: A few of them do. Please check with your BDM for specific resorts

Q: If there is a wedding at adult only resort, can children attend the wedding?

A: Normally no, but if there is one child, we can check to see if the resort could make an exception.

Q: Are your hotels handicapped accessible?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you offer scuba diving in all locations?

A: In almost all of the locations. Please check with your BDM for information on specific destinations.

Q: Is there a payment plan for groups? I am working on a birthday trip?

A: Riu does not offer a payment plan. You can check with your tour operator.

Q: How do you qualify for Gold status?

A: You need to submit 750 stays within a calendar year. One stay is 1 person for 1 night.

Q: Do you have a slide with the exhange property information on it?

A: Yes.

Q: How can a travel Agent qualify & participate in upcoming FAM trips

A: You can check with your tour operator for organized fams. Otherwise, you can book your independent fam through RPC