We the Italians March 21, 2016 - 77 - Page 80

SUBSCRIBE OUR NEWSLETTER http://wetheitalians.com/index.php/newsletter CONTACT US info@wetheitalians.com © # 77 • March 21st, 2016 discover www.wetheitalians.com We the Italians website already is the repository with the highest number of contents regarding Italy and the US: more than 30,000. We have the most complete archive (almost 3,000!) of non commercial groups active in the US in celebrating Italy in many different ways; a newsroll that every day promotes 25 news about Italy in the US or good news regarding Italy; a newsletter that reaches dozens of thosuands of Italian Americans and Italians recently moved to the US. We the Italians online magazine has almost 20 columns telling the Italian excellence in any possible field: food, wine, lifestyle, culture, history, land, nature, language, traditions, good news and many more. All in english, every month a new number also reports the Umberto Mucci's interviews to leaders who describe from their different point of views one of the several aspects of the relationship between Italy and the US. The magazine can be read online on any device, downloaded, printed and ordered as a hard copy. We the Italians Facebook page is one of the most liked by the Italian American community. It reports all the contents of the website and of the magazine: every hour a new topic, 24x7. Our social media strategy will soon be strongly improved. Stay tuned!