We the Italians March 21, 2016 - 77 - Page 53

st # 77 MARCH 21 , 2016 in 1925. As such, I have a gram. We helped produce strong passion for Puglia a documentary “The Bareand a subsequent pride. se Icemen of NY” which premiered last November. You are President of the United Pugliesi Federa- I am also an elected memtion of Greater New York. ber of the Congress of PuPlease tell us something gliese in the World and a more about the story and member of the Conferenthe activities of this Fede- ce of Presidents of Major ration Italian American Organizations. The Federation was founded in 1989 with the Recently, the President purpose of welcoming of Puglia Region, MicheArchbishop of Bari, Ma- le Emiliano, named you rino Magrassi to the US. the official representative Afterwards the organi- to promote and support zations that formed the Puglia business developcommittee decided to ment and cultural exchanstay together to work on ge programs in America. the common good. We How will you do this imnow host and sponsor portant job? many events of varied nature. We do book intros, We will step up the efforconcerts of all types (From ts of the United Pugliesi Pizzica to Classical Mauro Federation. Now, with the Giuliani), historical events, backing of President Emimovies, etc. liano, we hopefully can make Pugliese companies We facilitate student aware of the opportunities exchanges as well as orga- available here in the USA. nize tours. All of our even- We need also, to educate ts have a Pugliese theme. these companies of the ruPlease see our website at les, regulations and beauwww.upfny.org rocracy involved in doing for a list of hundreds of business here. Ultimately, our activities. I am proud our goal is to establish a to say that we are the only Puglia desk and showrofederation of this type to om here in NYC. There are offer such a varied pro- major differences in doing business in Italy versus the US. Not better, not worse, but different. Everyone needs to be aware of those differences. We recently hosted business luncheon for importers for presentations on these very aspects. In addition, we will conti- WE THE ITALIANS | 53 www.wetheitalians.com