We the Italians March 21, 2016 - 77 - Page 3

st # 77 MARCH 21 , 2016 EDITORIAL #77: What’s up with WTI By Umberto Mucci pages 4-6 ITALIAN CULTURE AND HISTORY: Trento By www.italia.it pages 34-39 ITALIAN GARDENS: Sista Gardens By Italian Botanical Heritage pages 66-67 THE INTERVIEW: Charlotte Piazza By Umberto Mucci pages 8-12 ITALIAN LANGUAGE: The origins of Thanks, You are welcome, Grazie and Prego By Giosuè Prezioso pages 40-41 ITALIAN GOOD NEWS: Living and Doing Business in Italy - part 3 By Italian Notariat pages 68-74 ITALIAN FLAVORS: Ragusano Cheese By Consorzio per la tutela del formaggio Ragusano with MiPAAF pages 42-45 ITALIAN WINE: Reinvigorating the Almost Extinct, Native Grapes of Calabria By Jennifer Gentile Martin for www.vinotravelsitaly.com pages 75-77 ITALIAN TRADITIONS: St. Joseph Torch Feast in Pitigliano By folclore.it pages 17-19 GREAT ITALIANS OF THE PAST: Renato Carosone By Giovanni Verde pages 20-22 ITALIAN CUISINE: Roasted Pork Loin with Apple Sauce By Paola Lovisetti Scamihorn pages 24-25 ITALIAN CINEMA: The Oscars 2016 By Edoardo Peretti pages 26-28 ITALIAN ART: Brief History of the Sistine Chapel By Giulia Carletti pages 29-33 ITALIAN LITTLE ITALIES Bosa, between river and sea By I borghi più belli d’Italia pages 46-51 THE INTERVIEW: John Mustaro By Umberto Mucci pages 52-55 IT AND US: Welcome to the Italian American Podcast By Dolores Alfieri pages 56-58 ITALIAN HANDCRAFTS: Nove Ceramics By Camera di Commercio di Vicenza with Unioncamere pages 60-65 STUDYING (IN) ITALY: Earn a Certificate in Entrepreneurship When You Study Abroad in Italy By John Cabot University pages 78-79 INDEX ITALIAN LAND AND NATURE: Courmayeur By italia.it page 13-16 WE THE ITALIANS | 3 www.wetheitalians.com