We the Italians March 21, 2016 - 77 - Page 18

st # 77 MARCH 21 , 2016 The ritual, that since Etruscan was made next to that of the "seed buried" symbol of life, was then Christianized, like many other pagan rituals, and approached during the Middle Ages to the feast of Saint Joseph. For the occasion, religious traditions and folklore are intertwined, creating a moment of joy and happiness in the streets of the village of Pitigliano, usually on the weekend near the March 19, ending on the 19th with the big bonfire. A historical parade in costumes from the XV century, torches and candles and a religious celebrations enliven the village, up to the expected time of the great fire: three trumpets kick off the march of forty «torciatori» that depart from St. Joseph’s Cave, downstream of the town along the river Meleta, bringing on each shoulder a bundle of flaming reeds and following the statue of St. Joseph, which is also carried on the 18 | WE THE ITALIANS www.wetheitalians.com