We Ride Sport and Trail Magazine November 2018 - Page 45

Carole Herder has a genuine passion to help educate

horse owners. She speaks on her belief that caring

for horse’s hoofs naturally and keeping them

barefoot is best. Carole designed and developed the

range of Cavallo Boots to meet the needs of the

world wide hoof boot market.

Carole's background is in holistic and alternative health care. She coauthored the book The Cavallo Barefoot Trim, and most recently authored the international best seller "There Are No Horseshoes in Heaven". Learn more about Carole's book >>

100% Hoof Protection for shod or

barefoot horses. Your horse will travel

and arrive sound, fit and ready to

compete. Enjoy maximum comfort,

protection and shock absorption during

transport, turnout and light riding.

Transport Air boots offer shod horses,

even with studs, less fatigue and give you

the confidence of safe transportation.

Lightweight, fits left or right hoof,

available in sizes 0 - 6 on Cavallo's Regular



throughout the seasons, and his life. And we continue to put the same old saddles on their backs, year in and year out. That’s what saddle pads are for, right? In some cases, yes. But most saddle pads under perform when it comes to a customized and continually changing fit. You need to find the saddle pad that addresses all the changes that come with new seasons, age, injuries and habits. And at various points, you should have a qualified saddle fitter look at your saddle and evaluate whether changes are needed. I am not going discuss saddle fit because that is a topic unto itself and there are professionals available who would do better to come and examine your horse/saddle combination in person. What I have told you is that there are some serious issues with saddles and some things you should paying attention to.

You will find a helpful solution that addresses most of the changes that come with new seasons, age, injuries and habits in the Total Comfort System Saddle Pads. Specifically engineered to contract and expand where needed and mold for a precise fit between the back and the saddle for each and every ride. They even compensate for your weight and posture. Here’s how:

The combination of 4 technically-advanced lightweight materials create a system that absorbs shock and eases saddle fit discrepancies.

This Multi- Density Solution, results in a thinner pad creating more room for articulation of the horse's scapula during riding movements.

Firm poly fibre sheets are inserted alongside the protective memory foam inserts to create internal stability which serves to further equalize the load in high performance sports. These panels produce an inner equilibrium that even in very active rider movement or saddle stress situations, will allow a more complete utilization of the horse's scapula.

We are currently experiencing the most dynamic change in the treatment of horses in history. Twenty years ago, it was a very different climate. People are now looking for alternatives; for ways to improve the life experience of their equine companions through proper saddle fit and hoof care. The proliferation and growing use of products containing glucosamines, MSM, pain killers and anti-inflammatories is a result of our inadequate understanding of saddle fit and hoof function – the 2 hot spots. Allowing our horses a pain free riding experience includes both appropriate comfort under saddle and naturally functioning healthy hoofs.