We Ride Sport and Trail Magazine November 2018 - Page 31

Global IHAA list. You must be an MA3 member to rank on the MA3 list, you do not need to be a member to Rank on the IHAA list, however, there is a $25 fee for non members (MA3 members Rank for free on both lists).

The third way to compete is participating in IHAA Postal Matches that are open to anyone regardless of club or National affiliation and are free to all.

All of the standard Ranking courses and rules can be found on the MA3 site www.mountedarchery.org

All of the IHAA Ranking and Postal Match rules and courses can be found on the IHAA site www.horsebackarchery.info

If you have questions on the rules or the courses don't hesitate to ask.

Greg Ogburn


MA3 & IHAA Ranking Officer


About the author, Lauren Woodard: Lauren has been teaching and training for over 40 years and is the author of two books that are pure magic for horsemanship – “Curbside Service” and “Balky, Balky, I Ain’t Goin’”. Find out how to be strategic in your best next steps to Exceptional Horsemanship for Mounted Archery by grabbing her “Wouldn’t It Be Great If ” Quiz to check your perspective and propel your horsemanship on her site: exceptionalhorsemanship.com

Hadley Hudson at the World Nomad Games