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Nancy Slater is a Parelli Professional who has dedicated her life to making the world a better place for horses and the people who love them. Her self-less passion for educating kids as well as demonstrating how a real partnership with your horse can lead to competitive success is what makes Nancy stand out. We could not be more proud to be represented by Nancy as she helps us to teach horse riders, trainers and owners to use love, language and leadership to reach their goals with horses. Thank you Nancy!

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To support the Parelli Foundation’s ongoing work, please visit: www.parellifoundation.org/giving.

With money donated to the sanctuary to help horses like him, Krystal picked me to help her with Chevy. They backed the trailer up and he was let loose in my round pen. He snorted loudly and bolted off. I pushed him forward gently, but he banged his head on the panels in panic as he tried desperately to escape me. Then he stopped moving and immediately left -mentally. He went so deep, he could not see or hear me; he was no longer present...

I cleared my mind to connect with this beautiful creature.

I began to breathe deeply, feeling love and

appreciation...Chevy looked at me. The look said, “Please

don't hurt me.”

Chevy has PTSD Post Traumatic

Stress Disorder. What we are

working on is Post Traumatic


Krystal made a promise to Chevy. She has never lied to

him. He appreciates her and I believe those years that

Krystal put into the relationship, ‘loosened the pickle jar


Hands on grooming. If he had to leave, he could. I'd just start over. Krystal bought a large bottle of Cowboy Magic, which I began to rub into his dreadlocks. She began to cry. She knows that Chevy sees the goal, and that journey to a new freedom is extremely emotional. There are no limits in the bond that will grow between this 16 year old survivor and his loving forever foster mom. Love heals.

Self preservation isn't just something, it's everything.

Within days, using Parelli Natural Horsemanship techniques,

Chevy felt he could trust me with my ropes and sticks. He

was coming to me, accepting the halter, leading up, yielding

to poll pressure in preparation for tying, and grooming.

Photo by Krystal Showalter

Photo by Krystal Showalter