We Ride Sport and Trail Magazine November 2018 - Page 14

Drag & Deposit

(Left) Rider picks up rope

tied to a sack of

'garbage' (rope should be

hung on something easily

reached by rider). All

three proceed to the

empty barrel. Ask dog to

sit and stay. Rider lifts

'garbage' into the barrel to

deposit. Release dog and

all three proceed to the

next obstacle.

Halt & Dismount

(Below) Ask horse to halt

and dog to sit. Count to 5

while all remain

motionless. Dismount at

the block, using it is

optional. After

dismounting, place leash

on collar and all three may

exit the arena.

course was 210 with 15 available bonus points. The team featured in the photographs earned 214 points for their run. Outstanding!

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