We Ride Sport and Trail Magazine November 2018 - Page 13

The Bridge

Horse and rider cross the bridge while dog heels in a safe position. Continue to the next obstacle.

The Mailbox

Horse and rider halt at the mailbox, dog is asked to down and stay while rider 'checks the mail'. Close the lid, release your dog and continue to the next obstacle.

The Weave

Poles, cones or barrels may be used for this obstacle, or any appropriate object. Horse and rider weave through 5 objects with dog cued to heel. There is a 5 point dog bonus if dog heels a perfect weave through all 5 objects.

The Wildlife Refuge

Horse, rider and dog enter obstacle and walk a full circle around without disturbing wildlife or perimeters. Dog is asked to down and stay outside the enclosure. Horse and rider back half way into the enclosure, and then exit forward while dog must continue to stay. Release dog and continue to next obstacle.