We Ride Sport and Trail Magazine July 2016 - Page 37

AHCA: American Horsemen Challenge Association

AHCA is a national organization that has state and national championships. This organization is an obstacle competition organization that has divisions for ALL ages, as well as different equine and rider experience levels. Each horse can compete in three different divisions. VHR hosted the first ever Missouri state championships that will conclude in July of 2016. However, other AHCA competitions will be hosted at VHR on August 20-21 and September 10-11.

ETS: Equine Trail Sports

This is a national organization that offers national and regional ranking. What sets ETS apart from other organizations is that each obstacle has three different levels to choose for you and your equine’s current skill set. For example, if an obstacle was a jump; level one would walk over the jump, level two would trot over the jump, and level three would canter the jump. VHR has an ETS Holiday Buckle Series that is in September, October, and November and has 9 competitions. Your best 6 out of 9 scores will be used to determine the champion in each of the three levels.

ExCA: Extreme Cowboy Association

EXCA is a national organization with world, national, regional, and state level competitions. This organization is an obstacle based competition with an emphasis on speed. Each equine can be rode in three different divisions. VHR has hosted the Missouri State Championships for three years; this year VHR will also host Regionals on August 27-28.

UHCA: Ultimate Horseman Challenge Association

UHCA is an organization that is hosted in Kansas and Missouri. This organization is an obstacle organization that has year-end awards for eight different divisions. The UHCA has 8 competitions and uses your top 5 placings to determine the top ten for the year.

Jake McCracken at UHCA Race, Eagle Ranch, Collins, MO

All images from respective association Facebook pages