We Ride Sport and Trail Magazine July 2016 - Page 28

On a snowy morning in November, the cry went out of the approaching Mustangs. We watch spellbound as the herd comes towards us with heads held high trotting swiftly over ground once framed by barbed wire just the day before. What a sight to all of us who worked tirelessly to remove all hazards and encumbrances, spurred by the love of the wild ones now running free on Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary lands. This is why we do it! All of it--the work, the challenges, the sacrifices... for this wondrous vision of free spirit before us. This land, these horses, are the manifestation of a legacy, a vision of hope, for the wild ones. The land is ready.

It’s now been almost 5 years since we let that first band of mustangs loose on the land, 900 acres of beautiful rolling hills, large open meadows, ponds, stands of trees, arroyo’s…land perfect for the wild ones.

The Mustangs, ancient, highly social, sensitive and intelligent, are disappearing, a vital piece of our history, right before our eyes. With over 50,000 wild horses in short-term and long-term holding facilities nationwide, and less than 30,000 remaining out in the wild, something has to be done, a new model for management has tobe explored. We believe that organizations partnering