We Are DeKalb County School District Winter 2018 - Page 8

only graduate about a third of the number of computer scientists needed to keep pace with mushrooming technology. Worse, diversity poses a challenge. In the past 10 years, numbers of women in computer sciences have dropped. “One of the goals of this software is to attract students who have never before thought of computer science as an option,” Hollis says. “Nothing draws kids more than music … and that includes kids who may have thought that computer science was outside the realm of their possibility.” ‘I’m Taking it Further into Life’ Ralph Jones is sold. The senior found EarSketch in Kathy O’Neill’s computer science class at Stephenson High School. “This is where school teaches me something I can use later,” Jones says. “It’s more than just another assignment. “I always wanted to do something with music,” Jones says (he studied alto sax from 4th to 9th grades). “I already understood how to space and organize music, how measures and melody worked. So when I came into this computer science class, I thought at first that EarSketch was probably some half-baked exercise. I found out it’s much more than that. I learned a lot more about music. Period.” Jones learned about copyright. He learned sampling and beats … plus something more. “I learned how meticulous coding is,” he says. “If you want a good result musically from this program, you have to learn to code well. Once I learned how to code, I was making better 8 | We Are DCSD Magazine