We Are DeKalb County School District Winter 2018 - Page 6

SUPER SONIC CODING: “ EarSketch Teaches DeKalb Students to Write Computer Code … with a Backbeat ” Music is a natural gateway to learning. Music is a language we all speak, in many genres. L - Alicia Harvey, Computer Science Teacher, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. High School ast September, Sababu Barashango, a mathematics and computer science teacher at DeKalb High School of Technology, enjoyed a very good day at work. “I saw a light go off. My students got excited. They said, ‘Play mine! Play Mine!’” Barashango had just introduced EarSketch, a computer program developed at Georgia Institute of Technology. Students sat up straight, hearing a catchy musical beat created by student-written computer code. The class caught code fever. “Creating beats made it fun to learn how to compute instead of reading a book and 6 | We Are DCSD Magazine