We Are DeKalb County School District Winter 2018 - Page 16

A START FOR SELF-STARTERS: “ District Program Inspires Students to Invest in Future Other clubs are theoretical or conceptual. In DECA, you’re going out there and meeting new people from across the state. It’s all good things you can use in your life to come. F or Kevin Nwogu, the door to entrepreneurship opened at the age of 16 when he joined Distributive Education Club of America (DECA) at Stephenson High School. “Cameras are my passion,” said Nwogu, now a senior. “I was always good with – Kevin Nwogu, DECA cameras. I asked myself, ‘Why not make a president at Stephenson profit out of it?’” High School Nwogu did what many people only aspire to do: combine a passion with a workable, evolving and sustainable business model. What’s more, Nwogu accomplished such a task before his 18th birthday. “I started my photography, videography and editing business coming out of my sophomore year when I was 16,” Nwogu said. “I have a team called SMK Visuals. We have been doing SMK Visuals for almost two years now, handling weddings, baby showers, graduations, music videos and other things. We’re getting out there.” 16 | We Are DCSD Magazine ”