We Are DeKalb County School District Winter 2018 - Page 15

Learning The Meaning Of Business In the same way, junior D’Nya Rhodes said she discovered running a business is a lot of work and, at times, very stressful. “There are so many aspects I would not have been able to fully understand without a hands-on experience,” Rhodes said. “We learned a lot about how to interact with customers and the importance of being prepared for anything that could go wrong.” Junior Davonte Lawrence said there are lots of pressures on entrepreneurs that people in other careers don’t even consider. “If your business isn’t making any money, you’re not getting paid,” Lawrence said. Lasting Lessons Although students had the option to craft jewelry and similar items, Ferguson said students quickly chose to sell food items based on the lunch environment—a true example of future business owners making sound business decisions. “They’re putting on their show,” Ferguson said. “They’re coming in with their different products and basing costs on what the market will bear. We’ll see how that goes. Based on how A lunch goes, Learn More students may have to adjust their prices for B lunch.” Ferguson said past classes have included a football The marketing program player offering training camps to children, and artists completed by Tucker High crafting jewelry. She said the class often unites student passion with real-world application. School’s Entrepreneurship Class is the product of a public- private partnership with Youth Entrepreneurs East as well as DCSD’s CTAE Program. To learn more about Youth Entrepreneurs East, visit https://youthentrepreneurs.org. Winter 2018 | 15