We Are DeKalb County School District Winter 2018 - Page 14

developed a food-related business idea, presented the idea to a Shark Tank-style panel, and received loans to bring them to life. Students took on such roles as financial manager, project manager and inventory manager to simulate an authentic business experience. Groups needed to successfully communicate market research, teamwork and advertisement strategy to be considered a worthwhile investment. Students even conducted market surveys and developed price plans to appear more attractive to ‘investors.’ Turning Concepts into Retail Students then served their classmates during Tucker High School’s two lunch periods in early December 2017. The ideas were deemed a success or failure based on students’ ability to repay respective loans and generate a profit. The team behind “Fried Up,” which received a hefty amount of interest from hungry students, said it chose to sell fries because it’s a high-demand item not regularly available. “We’re making a good profit!” said one team member. While junior Billae Blanding said she appreciated the independence of entrepreneurship, she learned being an entrepreneur doesn’t always mean working by yourself, for yourself. “You have to work with other people—sometimes partners—to achieve a common goal,” Blanding said. Zaria Farley, another junior, also stressed the importance of teamwork in the exercise. “Market Day gave me insight on how much work and time a business requires. We had to work as a team—which was hard at times,” Farley said. “When we weren’t all on the same page, it caused setbacks within our business.  I also learned that you cannot please everybody.” 14 | We Are DCSD Magazine