We Are DeKalb County School District Winter 2018 - Page 13

“ THE BUSINESS OF LEARNING: Transferring Classroom Lessons to Entrepreneurship A ccording to Tucker High School business teacher Glenda Ferguson, on how much work and time it takes more than a little legwork, a business requires. research, discussion, and criticism to become a successful entrepreneur. It takes an education, - Zaria Farley trial and error. CTAE student/entrepreneur “Students are gaining an economic foundation on how the business world works,” Ferguson said. “This is real-world, hands-on experience that they’re getting, which a lot of students say they don’t get in other classes. Students often wonder, ‘Why are we doing this?’ or ‘How are we going to apply this to life?’ This class teaches them exactly that: these are the skills you learn and this is how you apply them.” Ferguson’s entrepreneurship class at Tucker finished its crash course on business by serving ice cream, handing out hot dogs, selling loaded French fries, and asking peers whether they prefer flat- or drum-style chicken wings. As part of a marketing exercise developed by DeKalb County School District’s Career Technical & Agriculture Education (CTAE) program, groups of students Market Day gave me insight ” >>> Winter 2018 | 13