We Are DeKalb County School District Winter 2018 - Page 12

“This is going to inspire the next five years of a kid sitting in one of these classrooms,” Walker said. “For any artists sitting here in this cafeteria, they get to see this and say, ‘Wow, I could do that, too.’” Hines, Thomas and Walker greeted students on Jan. 4 to celebrate the mural, gauge student reactions and offer tips to aspiring young artists. Kelley Lake Principal Peggy Davis hopes the mural inspires students to embrace their artistic skills. “We have so many talented students,” Davis said. “For students to see something like this, we think it will inspire them to do something with that talent and show them that, yes, they can.” Davis said plans to have Hines, Thomas and Walker decorating other walls at Kelley Lake are already underway. Have a career that allows you to help children have Healthy, Beautiful Smiles! Enjoy lots of hugs, giggles, and fun every day! 9 Week Training Course Saturdays only 8am-5pm Your next advertising success starts here. We’re connecting schools, families and businesses. If you would like to see your ad in this publication, let’s talk. 12 | We Are DCSD Magazine 214-728-8349 | www.efpages.com