WDW Magazine Previews PREVIEW - May 2015 - Page 14

large blue raft that can hold up to 6 people and ride through twisting turns and rushing waterfalls. Slush Gusher – this is the “tame” water slide at Blizzard Beach. It’s a 90-foot drop with 2 humps that can provide a little “air time”. You’ll reach speeds of up to 35 mph. It’s a good way to see if you’re up for Summit Plummet. Purple Slope - good ski resorts have big time ski races, right? The Purple Slope is where the races happen. Downhill Double Dipper – this is a true tube-racing water slide. It’s side by side racing with a starting gate and electronic timing. Fly down the 230-foot long course at speeds of 25 miles an hour. May the best slider win. Snow Stormers – the next racing venue is Snow Stormers. This is a mat slide with 3 flumes. It’s more of a slalom type race with twists and turns. Toboggan Racers – Toboggan Racers is the final ski race on the Purple Slopes. It’s an 8-lane, mat slide race straight down a 250-foot course. Red Slope – on the backside of Mount Gushmore is the Red Slope. As with the back of most resorts, there’s not a lot to do, but what there is can be the most fun. Runoff Rapids – this is one of the most fun of all the slides. It has 2 open and one enclosed slides where you ride a tube down through twists, turns and pipes. It’s a wild ride, but fun for all. Ground Level – not to be outdone, there is a lot of fun on the ground level. Ground level is a little slower paced. Melt Away Bay - Disney says – “Feel the motion of the ocean and float on an inner tube at this one-acre wave pool.” Melt Away Bay is the place to grab a piece of beach and relax by the gently swaying waters. Cross Country Creek – to call Cross Country Creek a lazy river would not be quite accurate. There is nothing “lazy” about this river. The Creek takes you around the outside of the park. Pick up a tube at any of the 7 entrances and enjoy. Warning the water in the ice cave is really cold.