WCIT MONITOR Issue 68 May 2016 - Page 12

CHARITY MONITOR The WCIT Charity Outstanding Information Technology Student Awards 2016 F ollowing the success of the inaugural WCIT Outstanding Information Technology Student Awards in 2015, the WCIT Charity was very pleased to support the scheme again for 2016. The awards were created to recognise outstanding undergraduate and postgraduate IT students. Criteria for the award included academic excellence, overcoming adversity, entrepreneurial skills and contribution to charity or community. Six universities nominated their chosen candidate and provided a written citation in their support: this year, they were Oxford, Cambridge, Surrey, City, Imperial and the Open University. The judging panel included the Master, Alderman Sir David Wootton, the Master Educator, our own Past Master John Leighfield CBE, the Chair of the WCIT Charity, Mrs Jo Connell OBE DL, the Junior Warden Dr Stefan Fafinski and Alderman and Sheriff Charles Bowman. From left: Lachlan Munro, Surrey University; Will Bell, Oxford University; Laurynas Karazija, Cambridge University; Junior Warden, Stefan Fafinski; Deputy Master, Nicholas Birtles; Sherry Coutu CBE; the Master Alderman Sir David Wootton; Master Educator, John Leighfield CBE; Clerk, Mike Jenkins; Assistant Clerk, Lillie Jamieson; Andrew Lambert, City University London; Rory Bennett, Open University; and winner Bryan Liu, Imperial College, London. “It is wonderful to see the University IT Awards running for a second year. The quality of the entrants was exceptional – it is inspiring to see” As we expected from last year, the standards reached by the nominees was very high. Each nominated student won £250 towards their continuing studies, together with a place at the February Business Lunch with their sponsoring academic. The overall winner received £1,000. This year’s winner was B 典1ԁɽ%ɥ 1)Ѡ啅ȁՑЁՑ她ѽ݅ɑ́5ѡѥ)ѕȁ͍́ݕٕ́Ʌɭ́)́Ёѡɕ啅̰ѕѡ%141ٕԁ݅ɐ)Yչѕȁ5аɅ͕ٕȃ Ȱȁɥ)ѕݥѠѡɕѡȁՑ́Ѽե]Ѽ)ɽ٥ɕѥѕ́ɕѥȁ1)Uɝɽչ䁅ͥՉɥمɔф)%ѥѕ́ѥѼݕ܁Ց́ݥѠ)ձɅ ͔ɽչѼѡչٕͥ䰁́ݕ)Ʌͥ݅ɕ́Չ́ɽѥչѥ)Ёѡ ͔ՑЁչ丁ȁMѕͭ))չȁ]ɑѥѽȁѡ݅ɑ́ͅq%Ё́ݽəհ)Ѽ͕ѡUٕͥ%P݅ɑ́չȁ͕啅ȸQ)Յ䁽ѡɅ́݅́ፕѥLЁ́ɥѼ͕)Ց́хəɵݥѠ)ɕɕɥɥх̸'e݅ɐѼ)͕ݡЁЁ啅ˊéՑ́ٔѽɔt)QݥՑ́ݕɔɕ͕ѕݥѠѡȁ݅ɑ́䁽)5ѕȁѡ5ѕȁՍѽȁЁѡՅ؁] %P) ͥ́1չЁѡɥϊd!()QݥȁѡٕɅ] %P=х%ɵѥQ)݅ɐ 典1Ԁɽ%ɥ 1()IQݽəհѡɥϊd)!ȁ͕ѥȁѡЁ] %P) ͥ́1չ)A() ɥѕ)] %P)չ)]ɑ)ȁMѕͭ(+ AѽɅ䁉)ɅM)AѽɅ)ܹ͡Ѽլ((0