WCIT MONITOR Issue 66 Dec 2015

Issue 66: Dec 2015 MONITOR the newsletter of The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists MASTER’S LETTER O ne of our new Liverymen told me with great pride that a member of another Company had said to him, "You're an Information Technologist? They're the Livery of the moment." Whoever he was, he was right and I already have four special moments to make the point. 235 at our Installation Dinner, in a Hall that takes 180; we overflowed into another room and used information technology to link us up so everyone could hear. Before dinner, 32, including the "one" above, were admitted to the Livery at St Bartholomew’s Church in our annual ceremony beforehand; there were lots of family and friends there to see it and to Celebrate; accompanied by a terrific speech by the Lord Chief Justice on the use of technology in reform of the legal system…a great party. Many of the livery Class of 2015 came to our Livery Dinner at the Hall, as did four of the six Clerks in the Company's history: Peta Walmisley, Michael Grant, our current Clerk Mike Jenkins and the toast to the Company proposed by Robin Laidlaw- 1st Almoner, 2nd Liveryman, 3rd Clerk and 4th Master. A wonderful example of the continuity in our Company, connecting the generations ahead of the 25th anniversary of the grant to us of Livery status. The Master, Alderman Sir David Wootton Inside this issue: Master’s Letter 1 WCIT’s link with Northampton 4 Education 6 City Walks & Golf 8 Master’s Installation 10 The Lord Mayor’s Show & the WCIT Float 12 600th Anniversary of 16 Agincourt WCIT Charity & Panels News 18 WCIT History: Reminiscences Series 20 Clerk’s Letter 24 To the Museum of London for the inaugural lecture by Professor Martyn Thomas CBE, our Worshipful Company (as he described it) Professor of Information Technology at Gresham College - the body established by a Lord Mayor centuries ago to provide free lectures to the public and highly relevant today. Professor Thomas is one of the leading thinkers and writers on the relationship of technology and society. We are proud to be sponsoring Gresham College to allow him to give a series of lectures on the subject and this, his first and very well attended especially by leading industry figures, was a scene-setter for the remaining lectures in this series. His theme was the inadequacy of software to protect us from the potential threats, his most scary example was hackers taking control of a car while it was being driven by its owner! Finally, Cadets from our affiliated 46F Kensington Air Cadets performed wonderfully at an evening of readings from the 1st World War at Kensington Town Hall, very kindly hosted by the Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea and Victoria Borwick, MP for the borough, with our Company being represented by Past Master and Lord Lieutenant of London Ken Olisa OBE....as well as me. One of our cadets read superbly a long and moving letter home by a soldier at the front and the evening was rounded off by the Last Post and Reveille by the Cadets Band. Magnificent! I felt very proud. Four special moments illustrating the diversity of what and who we are and what we do. I aim to concentrate this year on giving our members a chance to use their experience and show their talents across the wide range of the Company's activities. I am honoured to be your Master and to take over from Nicholas Birtles, who had a terrific year for which we all thank him. I look forward to seeing you all as "my" year progresses.