WCIT MONITOR Issue 66 Dec 2015 - Page 7

THE WORSHIPFUL COMPANY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGISTS EDUCATION Lilian Baylis Technology School O ver the last two years Lilian Baylis Technology School (LBTS) Y11 students have risen to the challenge of getting the best possible GCSE grades. In particular they have embraced Saturday School and the new longer school day for Y11 with lessons ending at 4.30pm. The results this year reflect this increased effort by students and LBTS expect their final % 5A-C to be about 44% and slightly below the national figure. This is a fantastic achievement as most of the outgoing Y11 started at LBTS with very low KS2 SATs scores well below the national average. There are, as every year, some astonishing results. A number of students with 8 or more A or A*s, the students who obtained AAA or higher in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and the new arrivals to the UK who in two years were able to get 5 A-Cs at GCSE including English and Maths. LBTS is however proud of every student because every student now has the grades s/he needs to go onto 6th form or into an apprenticeship. I n their third year as a 6th form LBTS6 students have achieved their best ever A level and Level 3 BTEC results with headline figures of 75% A*-C and 98% A*-E. At BTEC over 90% obtained a Distinction or Distinction*. Every student in Y13 has a university place or apprenticeship confirmed. In addition a number of LBTS students achieved outstanding results, ranging from A*AA to ABB, and will be going onto an elite Russell Group University including Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Kings College London and UCL. Later in the year the government will publish the A level and BTEC ‘value added’ score which will show how much progress our students have made from their starting points. We expect, that as with the 2014 results, LBTS6 will be shown to be in the top 10% of 6th forms in London for ‘adding value’. I n October the WCIT, led by Past Master Ken Olisa, hosted nine 6th Form students and two teachers from LBTS to join us for an educational symposium at the WCIT Hall. With the students (and members!) learning a great deal an enjoyable and lively evening was had all round. The evening consisted of a three course meal, with the students giving short presentations, on an IT-related question set by the host, between each course; this is followed by an overall discussion on the subject of the presentations over coffee. The overall aim of the evening is not only to set a presentation task to students to help with their studies, but it is also to place these pre-university students in a formal business dinner setting to help them gain experience of this type of scenario to improve their confidence at future events, and also to improve their communication skills in presenting and networking. LBTS stated that, for the students taking part this opportunity to reference this experience in their personal statements, when applying for university, could really make them stand out from other applications, especially if they are intending to study business, IT, economics or law related degrees. Thank you to LBTS and the WCIT members in attendance for continuing to make this evening a success. Page 7