WCIT MONITOR Issue 66 Dec 2015 - Page 22

MONITOR WCIT Winter - Spring 2016 Events List If you have a suggestion for an event that you would like us to organise, please email: Jolyonp@ciptex.com. Thank you. Date Time Title Location 7th January 2016 18:00 - 23:00 Bangers 12th January 18:00 20th January 2016 18:00 - 22:00 Gresham College Lecture: ‘A Very Brief History of Computing 1948 – 2015’ New Freemen’s Dinner Bangers Wine Bar, Wilson St, London, EC2M 2TE Museum of London EC2Y 5HN 4th February 2016 18:00 - 23:00 Bangers 9th February 2016 10th February 2016 11:30 - 14:00 Inter-Livery Pancake Race 91st WCIT Business Lunch 3rd March 2016 18:00 - 23:00 Bangers 11th March 11:00 - 12:30 United Guilds Service 7th April 2016 18:00 - 23:00 Bangers 12:15 - 15:00 Cost Assistant Clerk lillie@wcit.org.uk Beadle alan@wcit.org.uk Stationers’ Hall Ave Maria Ln, London EC4M 7DD Bangers Wine Bar, Wilson St, London, EC2M 2TE Guildhall £115 Apothecaries’ Hall Black Friars Ln, London EC4V 6EJ Bangers Wine Bar, Wilson St, London, EC2M 2TE St Paul’s £87.50 Bangers Wine Bar, Wilson St, London, EC2M 2TE Organiser Beadle alan@wcit.org.uk Assistant Clerk lillie@wcit.org.uk Paul Jagger paul.d.jagger@ntlworld.com Beadle alan@wcit.org.uk Assistant Clerk lillie@wcit.org.uk Beadle alan@wcit.org.uk Assistant Clerk lillie@wcit.org.uk There are also a number of Inter-Livery events in 2016 such as: tennis, swimming, bridge, sports day, and quiz evenings which we would like to participate in. These are being coordinated by Paul Jagger, please email him at paul.d.jagger@ntlworld.com to let him know if you are interested in these events. Contact Us: Email Clerk: mike@wcit.org.uk Assistant Clerk: lillie@wcit.org.uk Finance & Billing: rachel@wcit.org.uk Beadle / Hall Manager: alan@wcit.org.uk Events and Catering: vacancy Charity: eleanor@wcit.org.uk Website: www.wcit.org.uk (this has an extensive membership-only part which we encourage all members to use for internal communications) Phone: 020 7600 1992 Twitter:@theitclivery Linked-In: Information Technologists Company WCIT has recently appointed and would like to welcome the new Assistant Clerk, Miss Lillie Jamieson. A hard-working and friendly operations all-rounder, with proven experience in executive assistance, facilities management and office administration. “I am a strong communicator, building strong lasting relationships with my teams and clients. I enjoy ‘getting my hands dirty’ and being the lynchpin of the Company. I am very pleased to take the position of Assistant Clerk and look forward to getting to know everyone.” You can reach the new Assistant Clerk at: lillie@wcit.org.uk Postal Address: 39a Bartholomew Close, London EC1A 7JN The charitable activities of the WCIT are run by our subsidiary WCIT Charity (Reg. Charity No 1113488) To Contribute to the next issue of Monitor, please send your articles (200 words plus photos) to eleanor@wcit.org.uk Thank you to all those who have contributed to the November issue of Monitor. This issue was prepared, edited and layout by Eleanor MacGregor. Printing was by the Ian Karten Centre at Treloar’s School and College. Page 22