WCIT MONITOR Issue 66 Dec 2015 - Page 11

THE WORSHIPFUL COMPANY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGISTS main hall the select group in the Court room did not go unheard - cheering and clapping that little bit louder creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. While it was an exciting and interesting experience using the two rooms, we will endeavour to be seated together at future dinners! PAUL DAVID JAGGER @cityandlivery Miniature missives drawn from the twitter account of WCIT Liveryman Paul Jagger who tweets under the sobriquet @CityandLivery employing the hashtags #CityFact and #LiveryFact The Lord Mayor’s Show is the world’s oldest, unrehearsed street pageant. This year WCIT has a float named ‘Talent Unleashed’ in the Show - it showcases the Company’s role in coaching over 450 Royal Signallers from uniformed to civilian life. This issue of MONITOR includes some of the less well known facts about the Show: The 2015 Installation dinner at Habadashers’ Hall (Court Room) #CityFact: This year is the 800th anniversary of the Lord Mayor’s Show, although it has been cancelled once for Wellington’s funeral, so perhaps next year is the real 800th. Past Master Jonathan Soar and Court Assistant Kerri Mansfield #CityFact: The Lord Mayor’s Show fulfils a legal requirement that the newly elected Lord Mayor must ‘Show’ himself to the people and then swear allegiance to the Monarch. #LiveryFact: The Lord Mayor’s ‘mother’ Livery Company is always the first Company to process in the Show, irrespective of its position in the order of precedence. #LiveryFact: In times past it was the Lord Mayor’s Livery Company that paid for the organisation and entertainment during the Show. Our Beadle, Alan O’Connor, leading the procession to the Church Installation Service at St Bartholomew the Great #CityFact: The current Pageantmaster, Dominic Reid OBE, took over the role from his father who died in office. This year is Dominic’s 24th Show, the most of any Pageantmaster. Page 11