WCIT MONITOR Issue 63 Nov 2014 - Page 7

THE WORSHIPFUL COMPANY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGISTS FELLOWSHIP The 5th Nostalgia Lunch of The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists followed by fruit salad and lemon sorbet, tea and coffee, with a goodly flow of wine! Deputy Master Michael Webster, who was Master at the time, welcomed those attending and reported that the Company was in good form, highlighting some of the charitable and educational activities the Company supports, fifth ‘Nostalgia lunch’ was such as Lifelites, AbilityNet iT4C held on 17th June at and our partner schools Vintners’ Hall, this year for Hammersmith Academy and Lilian members of WCIT who had achieved Baylis Technology School the age of 65. updates you can read about in the charity section of this edition of More than 50 members attended to Monitor! enjoy the fabulous environment of the Vintners’ and a delicious meal of Contributed by Liveryman Peta Walmisley fish pie, greens and barley hotpot, A Prince Arthur Cup - Inter-Livery Golf Competition T he Prince Arthur Cup is played every year at Walton Heath between 54 Livery Companies. This year it was played in the summer in near ideal golfing conditions – fine and little wind. Our pairings were Geoff Unwin (Captain)/Michael Webster and Peter Cordery/Martin Watkins. We were teamed up to play with The Mercers and The Founders over 36 holes, but the competition is actually played against the course. You either win, lose or half against the par on any hold, that’s it. This format is not often used but it is psychologically very tough. Your Captain had a nightmare morning round and the Deputy Master’s reserves of calmness were sorely tested. Peter and Martin played steadily. At lunch we were in danger of not making ‘the cut’ for next year (the bottom 5 livery companies are dropped off). Thanks to a rallying discussion over lunch and fuelled by a glass or two of excellent Minervois, Peter and Martin played out of their socks in the afternoon, almost winning the afternoon pairs and rescuing the team. The competition was won by The Leathersellers with The Cordwainers second and The Mercers third. Thanks to the sterling play of Peter and Martin and the patience and steadiness of Michael, we ended up 43 rd. From left: Deputy Master Michael Webster; Liveryman Geoff Unwin; Liveryman Martin Watkins; and Liveryman Peter Cordery If any members wish to be considered for the team, just email me with a few details – club, handicaps etc... Contributed by Geoff Unwin, WCIT Liveryman geoff.unwin@gunwin.co.uk Page 7