WCIT MONITOR Issue 63 Nov 2014 - Page 4

MONITOR ROYAL SIGNALS NEWS Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed & Something Blue ©photographybymikewilliams.co.uk Corps. Thanks also to the presenters and coaches who give so willingly and freely of their time to make this event an on-going success - Peter Dudley, Perry Fawcett, Cathy Holley, Tim Lewis, Jennifer Lumley and Jonathan Sinfield. But the most valuable outcome, and why we do this, is shown in statements from some of the delegates who have ©Mike Williams contacted us since: T he Employment Panel was set up to provide support and assistance to WCIT members, Royal Signals personnel, and school leavers from the Lillian Baylis Technology School and Hammersmith Academy who are in need of employment advice, guidance, or direction. The WCIT Employment Panel has a history of working successfully with the Royal Corps of Signals and the first six months of 2014 has proved busier than ever……… Something Old - Coaching at Blandford Now in its fifth year the coaching day at Blandford remains a key event in the Employment Panel’s diary. Starting on 3rd June with a briefing for coaches and presenters the event itself moved into full swing with dinner in the Officers’ Mess hosted by the Corps Colonel Graham Norton and Nigel Harrison, Secretary of the Royal Signals Institution. “I personally found it stimulating and it has helped take away some of the fear of change” “The advice provided by your team was outstanding and in particular the coaching session provided a fresh perspective for me” “I found it very useful to focus me on what is important” “Once again, many thanks to you all for giving your time …..I found it very interesting and informative” “I found the whole day very useful. The honesty and clarity of the message has not been matched by the Army’s formal career transition process” Something Borrowed - The Idea Earlier in the year the Panel received a call from Charles Roberts, a former Major in the Corps and alumnus of the Employment Panel mentoring programme with the Signals, suggesting that on the day of their Annual Corps On 4th June each delegate attended a Dinner in the City of London there might series of presentations covering topics be an opportunity beforehand to show such as ‘Writing a Killer CV’, ‘Acing the members of the Corps the WCIT Hall Interview’, ‘Experiences of the and explain who we are, what we do and Transition’ and ‘The Reserve Offer’. For how we engage with the Royal Signals. the latter two presentations the Panel were pleased to welcome Marcus As there were only a few days until the Chambers and Charles Roberts (former calling notice went out, the need for delegates) and Sarah Trevelion (WCIT speed was paramount and I’m pleased to Freeman and Major in the Corps say that the idea received wide support, Reserves). not least from the Clerk, which enabled us to approve the event in a matter of The Panel’s thanks go to WCIT Court days. Assistant Kerri Mansfield and Freeman Andy Parsons for their organisation and Thanks to the efforts of Andy Parsons liaison with Dave Barlow from the once again, the invites went out and Page 4 logistics in the run up to the day were efficient and reflected the professionalism of the Company. Something New - The Lunch On 13th May the Master welcomed 45 Officers to the Hall for a buffet lunch and a glass of wine. This was accompanied by a set of presentations on:  the History of the Livery and WCIT  the relationship between