WCIT Charity Review WCIT Charity Review of 2017 - Page 5

WCIT CHARITY REVIEW FUNDRAISING 05 Another fantastic year of fundraising from the very generous membership Total amount raised in 2017 £151,321 As well as this financial generosity, our members provided thousands of hours of pro bono time. The Board of the Charity and the Court wishes to warmly thank each and every one of you who has contributed these funds and/or pro bono time to all the wonderful projects that we support. Charitable giving is at the heart of our Livery activity and we would love every Company member to be a donor to our Charity. The Entrepreneurs Panel raised an astonishing £25,000 at the annual Enterprise Awards, and the Events Panel delivered a superb contribution of £4,500. Panels and Committees making a surplus kindly contributed other large sums this year, including a generous donation of £3,214 from the Security Panel and £1,020 from the annual WCIT Golf Day, plus many others. Other donations 12% £19,245 (including Gift Aid of £2,067) Continuous Charitable Giving (CCG) 63% £94,259 (including Gift Aid of £16,005) Collectively, we can do more than we can as individuals, and, as we grow, we will be able to support larger projects Another fantastic year of fundraising from the very generous membership enabled CCG (our Continuous Charitable Giving scheme) to increase to over £94,000 – an amazing achievement. CCG is a great way to support us. It gives us much greater foresight and confidence in our income, which allows us to manage our commitments and grants effectively. Events and WCIT Panels fundraising 25% £37,817 Panel, Committee and members’ activities are the second key part of the Company’s charitable fundraising activities. Very generous personal and business donations make up the third leg of our fundraising efforts. Some members prefer to make occasional one-off donations or give to our Charity through their workplace giving schemes. These sums include Gift Aid of £18,072 Donations and fundraising ideas For more information on joining CCG, making a donation or organising a fundraising event, please contact eleanor@wcit.org.uk. Donations of pro bono time Panels, Committees and their members make extremely valuable contributions of pro bono time, including help to other charities, schools, the arts and public welfare, which is not included in the financial analysis.