WCIT Charity Review WCIT Charity Review of 2017 - Page 4

WCIT CHARITY REVIEW LILIAN BAYLIS TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL 04 Online access triggers a long-awaited shift in teaching and learning Gone are the days where the teacher controlled access to knowledge and taught it to pupils WCIT has supported the Lilian Baylis Technology School (LBTS) for 15 years. Our initial partnership committed WCIT to supporting LBTS to become a DfE-recognised Specialist Technology school, including trialling the use of projectors and student laptops, and ensuring that all teachers had laptops with internet access. It was to be LBTS’s ‘great leap forward’. Learning has undergone a huge change over the last 20 years. Gone are the days where the teacher controlled access to knowledge and taught it to pupils. In 2017, WCIT generously donated a further £50,000 for the school’s next ‘great leap forward’. LBTS used the funds to prioritise Google Classroom, an easy way to create an online educational environment. This has triggered a shift in teaching and learning, which the school has been seeking to implement for years. Gary Philips, Headmaster, said “We realised that our ancient PCs, supported by a poorly-used and ‘clunky’ Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), didn’t support any of the newer ways of learning. So, in 2017, the school removed the old network and switched to the new solution. There was no going back.” Not only has Google Classroom transformed the workflow between student and teacher, but it has also proved popular with both Students were very keen on the changes and this positive feedback inspired teachers to develop their practice. It has transformed student engagement in lessons and the way that the staff teach. Jon Wilson, Assistant Head, said “This is a great way of sharing files. Students can refer to class materials if they need to go over work covered in lessons, or if they missed a lesson for any reason. Making home learning available through Google Classroom means one less excuse for not completing work.” Since its implementation, Year 1 1 students have made up lost progress of between a half to one grade FV"v&BFPV"F6W2f"6WFbPV&rfR6fV'bV6vVV6&ƖRV"7GVFVB6B( ėN( 2&VǐVVBvFג6W'6Wv&vVFV6W 6WG2FVFƖRvWBFf6FfFRגR&R&v6VBB&P&W&VBBB2VVBRVWWFFFRB&fR(