WCIT Charity Review WCIT Charity Review of 2017 - Page 3

WCIT CHARITY REVIEW CHAIRMAN’S STATEMENT 03 WCIT Charity makes grants of over a quarter of a million pounds CITA – £21,000 towards its operational costs. Since it was founded in 2016, CITA has helped over 500 small charities improve their IT. You will note that we spent £100,000 more than our income this year. This is because we wanted to support a number of large projects, notably the grant to Lilian Baylis Technology School. The extra amount was funded from our reserves. The WCIT Charity IT Award 2018 Jo Connell OBE DL, Chairman, WCIT Charity The Trustees hope to raise our regular annual income to at least £200,000 by 2022 It’s a great pleasure again to write about the generosity of our members and the difference that WCIT Charity has been able to make in 2017. Income of more than £151,000  250+ members donated over £94,000 (including gift aid) through our Continuous Charitable Giving scheme (CCG).  Events and Panels contributed just under £38,000. This includes an extremely generous contribution from the Entrepreneurs Panel of £25,000.  Other donations from members came to over £19,000. Grants exceeding £250,000 In total, we helped over 30 different charitable organisations, with the largest grants being made to: As a result of a positive stock market in recent years, we have accumulated a surplus of £750,000 which we are using to fund an IT project in the charity sector that tackles the needs of young people’s education or those contending with disadvantage, disability or social exclusion. We are looking to identify an organisation and project that is innovative, ambitious, evidence-based and keen to have an enduring impact in partnership with us. The WCIT Charity IT Award 2018 was launched in March, with the judging and due diligence process running over the summer. The winner will be announced in October 2018. The Trustees hope to raise our regular annual income to at least £200,000 by 2022 so that we can continue to grow the impact of the Charity. The easiest way to support us, if you are not already doing so, is through the CCG scheme by making a regular donation by standing order each month, quarter or year. For more information, please contact eleanor@wcit.org.uk. As ever, all of this is only possible with your support. Thank you. Lilian Baylis Technology School – £50,000 to implement Google Classrooms. Thames Reach – £43,000 to help provide digital skills to their homeless service users. Jo Connell OBE DL Chairman, WCIT Charity Founders4Schools – £22,000 towards their Work Experience service. If you have any comments or questions, please email me at jo@mpconnell.co.uk