WCIT Charity Review WCIT Charity Review of 2017 - Page 2

WCIT CHARITY REVIEW OUR MISSION 02 Our mission Using our IT skills to make a difference Our priorities 1. Enhancing opportunity for young people through more effective education. 2. Improving the quality of life for the disadvantaged, disabled and socially excluded. 3. Helping charities and other not-for-profit organisations get the best out of IT. 4. Improving the wider public’s understanding of IT and its capabilities. CONTENTS Chairman’s Statement 03 Lilian Baylis Technology School 04 Fundraising 05 Code 4000 06 Grants 07 CPotential 08 Thames Reach 09 Orpheus 10 Your donations 11 Are you a charity with a project that fits one of our priorities? This review illustrates the sort of projects we support. So, if you think we could help your project, contact eleanor@wcit.org.uk