WCC August/September Newsletter June/July 2017 - Page 5

Membership New & Returning Members January 2017 – May 2017 Mr. William Powell Mr. & Mrs. Chad Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Bayliff Mr.& Mrs. Matthew Borkon Mr. Carol Correll Mr. & Mrs James Stewart Mr. & Mrs. John Zoller Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hellwig Mr. & Mrs. Robert McNeill Mr. Eric Adnerson Mr. & Mrs. David Chandler Mr. Thomas Moore Mr. & Mrs. Bill Mergler Ms. Mariana Banasova Mr. & Mrs. Bill Meiers Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dickinson Dr. Stacey Stickley & Mr. Mark Roy Mr. & Mrs. Randolph Duane Mr. & Mrs. Terral Goode Dr. & Mrs. Devin Flaherty Mr. & Mrs. Scot Rosenfield Mr. John Kauten Mr. Scot Moore Mr. Michael Leonard Dr. Patrick Wagner & Mrs. Natalia Ossinova Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kluge Mr. Joshua Bosse Mr. & Mrs. William Slezak Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Bandyke Dr. & Mrs. Kats Mr. & Mrs. Josh Franz Mr. & Mrs. John Flood Mr. Brandon Pifer Mr. Lawrence Garrett Mr. Donld Windle Dr. & Mrs. Ayorinde Akinrinlola Mr. & Mrs. David Hensley Mr. & Mrs. Jason Berger Mr. & Mrs. John Paltineanu Mr. & Mrs. Allen Peer Ms. Laura Howton Mr. Brad Markovich Mrs. & Mr. Ours Mrs. & Mr. Martin Dr. & Mr. Buettin Greetings, WCC Members! What a fun three months it has been! The family that exists within the club’s membership is awesome, and makes it genuinely exciting to sell the club. I’m happy to have the opportunity to grow the membership and thank you for your support through my first few months. Those who have taken my yoga class, thank you for sharing you practice with me! For those who have yet to, I look forward to welcoming you to our all levels yoga class. This year, the club has grown in membership by 45, and that is all in just the past three months! The energy being created by the positive changes at the club is contagious and translating into new members. Looking forward to an awesome summer at WCC! Be well, Kasey Hayward, Director of Membership and Marketing Welcome to Winchester Country Club! The Bergers Family The Goode Family The Borkon Family 5