WCC August/September Newsletter June/July 2017 - Page 4

Note From the GM Greetings Winchester Members, On behalf of the staff and myself, welcome to the 2017 season at WCC! I arrived here from Richmond at the end of February, and these first few months have been quite an adventure, with a great deal of focus on reenergizing our teams and laying the foundation for a new/fresh beginning. I’d like to quickly share some guiding principles that we will be relying on as we head into this new chapter: Down at the bubble, our tennis program has undergone significant change and is now under the leadership of our new Tennis Director, Jamie Morgan. I want to recognize both Emil Vassilev and Kyra Fox for their hard work and long hours keeping things afloat during this transition period, and couldn’t be more excited for Jamie and Emil to continue the tradition of fantastic tennis coaching and camaraderie. 1) The only way the Club will grow is through having members be enthusiastic about its future as a private club dedicated to benefiting their family’s health and lifestyle. We also have lots of exciting events and changes in the clubhouse. It’s no secret that the restaurant usage declined when the food minimum was removed last year (this may be reinstated at some point, but with all beverage spending being allowed to count towards the minimum), but decline of service and quality in general have created significant opportunities for improvement. Michele and Chef Michael are working through a long list of these, and while progress takes time there are significant improvements being made. Sunday Brunches are back with great attendance; a wine club is forming with monthly dinners; and weekly specials are drawing increasingly larger crowds. 2) The Club must provide member/guest experiences that are relevant to our members (and future members’) lives as they exist today. 3) Having paid an initiation and dues, members should receive good value with other purchases made at the Club. 4) A wonderful member experience begins with a wonderful employee experience and happy team members who are excited to come to work each day. 5) Communication about what is happening at the Club must be regular, clear and transparent. As we look around the property, our golf course is l pWG&VVǒVF2vRVBFFR7VW"F2vV&vRB2FV&RvrFVWFRw&VV2&Ɩpf7BBG'VRvFvV7W&VBFVR&W2Bf'v0B&R&VvvVFW"2v26G&Ɩrf7F"'WBfW'V6VBvFvW&RFR6W'6R2FF@fVV6fFVBFB6W'6R6FFvVWB"W6VV@WV7FF2vFV&ǒ#R67B6fw2fW"&"V'2GBG&VBfRFw2'Vr27FVGB6F0WfW"BFRvb6B&7F6R&vRG( 2VFW'6B&v旦F2&VVfV&RW"FW2w&W2&Pw&vrBWrV"&w&2WFr@6ƖVF'G26V"2rgVvV"VB'&fG26V"v&Rf&Rf"V&W'>( 6G&VFVvRFV"&VG2fRgVFW"'G2bFR6V.( `vWFW"f"FFRvB&VBbvb"vRbFV0B7vF22B&'6GFr'WB6RBFR6V f"G2F6FV"vBvBF6RFFW&^( 2WfVvR&WBF"f"V&ǒFVV2F6R W7BrWBF22W"6V"vRvBRF&R&VBbBBfR@fVVƖRvVVRWFV6bW"Rf"W"f֖ǐBg&VG2W"RF&VW7F&Ɨ6FR6V"2f'&B@FVw&'Bbv6W7FW.( 2WBV'2FRf vFrFW"'Bv^( fRǒW7B&VwV6VRRBFR6V"'FvVW&vW