WCC August/September Newsletter June/July 2017 - Page 14

Upcoming Events FATHER’S DAY WHISKEY & CIGARS Teen Night Saturday, June 10th & Saturday June 15th 6pm – 8pm • RECEPTION • SUNDAY, JUNE 18TH 1PM-4PM CIGARS FOR PURCHASE AND A COUPLE LOCAL WHISKEYS TO TASTE. Bring the kids for an evening of teen friendly music and food. *Will be held at the pool, weather permitting Adults can enjoy an evening on the deck or in the Grille. 4th of July BBQ Tuesday, July 4th 11am – 3pm $18 Adults includes 1 alcohlic drink for adults over 21 $8 Kids under 10 includes all 14 DRIVE IN CAR Show! SUNDAY, JULY 30TH 1PM – 4PM BRING OUT YOUR PRIZED COLLECTION FOR AN AFTERNOON MADE FOR A CAR ENTHUSIAST! BEVERAGE CART AND SNACKS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE.