WCC Annual Report - Page 23

Client Services Report Promoting Volunteering The WVRS has been actively engaged with a range of different organisations, community groups, educational institutions, job seekers and people with chronic health issues to promote volunteering. Additionally, the local media was engaged on several occasions to profile local volunteers and promote volunteering across the community. The program has a holistic approach to assisting people from all backgrounds with a range of different skills and volunteering opportunities continue to grow, as does demand for our services thanks to proactive promotional strategies throughout the year. One of the biggest achievements this year was working alongside other not for profit organisations to create a number of administration roles to accommodate the high demands for this type of work in the community. With the support of the other organisations, a range of different roles in different schools, libraries and the health sector have also been created to meet the needs of the community. We continued to facilitate the Whittlesea Partnership on Volunteering and Community Engagement. The focus over the last 12 months was establishing an advocacy kit, which wo ձ