WCC Annual Report - Page 20

Client Services Report INFORMATION AND REFERRAL SERVICE Staffed by committed volunteers our Information and referral service continues to respond to daily information enquiries by local residents. Volunteers received more than 5,200 information enquiries, while also providing reception for the many services provided at WCC. Information resources were also replenished and kept up to date by a small team of volunteers who have put in place a system to do so. All our information volunteers receive training and must undertake a 9 week certificate in Community Information Work which prepares them to work in a Community Information Centre. This financial Year, 1 course was conducted at Lalor Living and Learning Centre and from this, the Information and Referral service received 6 new volunteers. All new volunteers are linked up to a mentor to provide them with ongoing induction and support. All volunteers attend regular training to update skills and are also offered information sessions about services available to clients. Volunteer meetings are held bi-monthly to share knowledge and contribute to the ongoing development of the service. The majority of enquiries continued to be for Emergency Relief, either for our service or referral to other services in the area. This year Emergency relief took up to 66 % of Information Service Inquiries (Excluding ER) total enquiries. The following graph indicates 2011- 2012 other enquiries received throughout the year and income related inquiries along with inquiries for general support services remained high. Immigration 1% Other 27% Income 37% Employment 1% Community Affairs 2% FEDERATION PUBLIC ACCESS COMPUTER ROOM Support Services 19% Transport 3% Legal 1% Accommodation The Federation Computer Room continues to Education 2% 4% Health 3% operate as a valuable community resource, providing free computer and Internet access to residents in the City Of Whittlesea. The computer room is operated by a small team of 3 IT facilitators who provide assistance and support for those who need help using the computer or internet as well as maintaining statistics of service use. This year, over 816