WCC Annual Report 2014-15 - Page 7

trust of local communities involves speaking for positive social change and this involves standing up for what is fair and just, even when that attracts criticism and worse still threats of withdrawal of funding. If our agendas are to remain the agendas of our communities rather than that of our funding bodies our independence must be boldly asserted and no more so than when it is questioned or challenged. In the spirit of these thoughts, we would like to thank our broader community, including our growing list of Association members, for the love and support they have shown us throughout this period. We are in no doubt that this support will be an invaluable inspiration to us in the many good and tough times that lie ahead. Finally, we wish to thank Whittlesea Community Connections’ Board Members for their contributions to the agency in the past 12 months. It has been a year that has involved dealing with hard and complex issues, and we are greatly appreciative of the time, expertise and commitment they have devoted to the agency. We would like to thank the staff and volunteers for the quality, breadth and depth of their contribution to the agency’s work. Our 42nd Annual Report is an overview of the services, programs and achievements of Whittlesea Community Connections in the period 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015. We are proud of the work and contributions of our volunteers, staff and Board throughout this period and invite you to read in more detail the specific accounts from our various teams. We hope you enjoy this report and the stories it tells of our clients, of our purpose, of our volunteers and of our staff. 7