WCC Annual Report 2014-15 - Page 6

CEO AND PRESIDENT’S REPORT As an organisation with its roots and aspirations firmly embedded in the communities we serve, our task is not only to respond to the growing demand for our services and programs, but also to ensure that we contribute to developing the resilience, health and cohesiveness of our community. From the services and programs we deliver, to the way we deliver them and the partnerships we nurture and cherish, our goal is to enable those who live, work, study and volunteer in Whittlesea to come together to work to achieve a community that is inclusive, a community that supports those who are disadvantaged and a community able to advocate for its own needs and aspirations. This year Whittlesea Community Connections faced and rose to numerous challenges. We grew our annual turnover by 14 per cent, and assisted a community member on more than 18,937 occasions including individuals, families, young people, new migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. And through the generous contribution of more than 300 volunteers, we provided community transport for 8,386 people, we supported 1, 733 people in financial hardship, assisted with more nointerest loans to prevent homelessness and helped place more than 941 local people into volunteering roles. Our work in responding to the scourge of family violence has been intensified and we supported more than 379 people experiencing family violence. Our legal team assisted 1,961 people with legal information, advice and casework. Our community information and referral program fielded more than 4,588 enquiries from local people, enabling them to find the agency and services they need to meet their needs and achieve their personal goals. JEMAL AHMET, CEO MAUREEN CORRIGAN, PRESIDENT Going forward, our challenges are many. By the time you read this report we would be busy attempting to minimise cuts to our emergency relief services imposed by the Federal Government, working to determine how we will manage impendi