WCC Annual Report 2014-15 - Page 14

EUCALYPT COMMUNITY MARKET Demand for Community Transport rose dramatically yet again with a 25% increase in the number of trips being provided this financial year. Trips were provided for individuals to access medical and allied health appointments, social support groups, community activities, early intervention programs and essential shopping. Furthermore, group trips were provided for various community groups participating in support groups and other organised activities. 100% of our services users are residents of the City of Whittlesea. In April this year, WCC in partnership with Stockland and the Third Place Café established the Eucalypt Community Market. Held monthly, the market provides locals with access to fresh produce, arts and crafts. Community members and local stall holders have shown incredible support for the market, which we hope will continue in to the future. Two of our drivers completed their Heavy Rigid licence training, increasing our capacity to transport larger groups in our 24 seater vehicle. ART CONNECT This year, our Art Connect group held 2 exhibitions in partnership with Greenbrook Community House and Thomastown West Primary School to exhibit some outstanding work. Thank you to our incredible volunteers, Siggi, Suzi, Bassem and Maureen for putting the shows together, and to all the participants who showcased their amazing work. “ “ 3000   2500   Reasons for Assistance, Community Transport 2000   1500   1000   500   0   Da y  c Ea are rly  pr  in og Vi te ra si2 m r ng Vo ven    fr lu 2o ie nt n   nd ee s/ rin re g E Es m latv   se pl ie n2 oy s   al me  sh n op t   Ed pi u ng M ca ed 2o O   So ica n/ the cia l/A tra r   l/s lli ini up ed ng po  he   rt/ alt cu h   ltu ra l   COMMUNITY TRANSPORT “ They have not only helped me in a time of need but have left me with my pride and for that I will always be very thankful. No one has helped me in the way that this program has Housing Brokerage Client The fact that we get help in the form of cash here gives me choice and empowers me Emergency Relief Client Whittlesea Community Connections Annual Report 2014 -15 14