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A FUTURE SO BRIGHT "EVERYBODY PITCHING IN GIVES YOU THAT SENSE OF PRIDE IN YOUR COMMUNITY AND YOUR CAMPUS. IT MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE YOU BELONG." CINDY CHOMIAK does for the community. And they believe in all the good things JU is doing. JU: Tell us about your experience with ASPIRE scholarships. CC: We loved the idea of ASPIRE scholars. Having lived internationally, we realized how blessed we are in America, and that’s not always the case for people who live overseas. The stipulation for our first scholarship was that they had to be an undocumented student or a student on a refugee visa. We were purposefully trying to help someone who we knew would have additional challenges. These kids come over and take every opportunity presented to them and really make a difference on campus. They make JU a more empathic and caring place. Marty’s grandparents came over from the Ukraine through Ellis Island, and my great grandparents came over from Norway, so I think of the ASPIRE scholarships as our little way of helping this next generation of immigrants coming to America. JU: How has your involvement with JU over the past few years impacted your life? CC: When we leave campus, we don’t get in the car, put on the radio, and drive home. We talk about what more we can do. We leave so energized. Whether it is a play, musical performance, public policy event, or watching Jacksonville Who?, the film by Frank Pace. It's the same when Marty comes home from a DCOB meeting. He comes back so energized that we spend a whole dinner conversation talking about it. JU: What advice would you give to alumni or future alumni about why they should get involved? How do we inspire the next generation of volunteer leaders? CC: I hope that young alums, or even alums our age, will see the value in not only giving of their time and talents but also their resources. No matter how large or small. It could be half a day, once a year, or it could be a $25 check. Everybody pitching in gives you that sense of pride in your community and your campus. It makes you feel like you belong, and that’s a good thing. It’s not about what someone can give. It’s about having that pride in giving. SHIRCLIFF CIRCLE Launched in 2018, the Shircliff Circle is a giving society that honors the individuals, corporations and foundations who make gifts to Jacksonville University for three or more consecutive years. The society was named for devoted supporter Robert “Bob” Shircliff, former Chairman of the JU Board of Trustees and a Society of Trustees member. Bob and his wife Carol have been annual supporters of the University for more than 50 consecutive years. Their consistent support of the University advances JU's mission to prepare students for lifelong success in learning, achieving, leading and serving. WAVEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM 37