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A FUTURE SO BRIGHT PHOTO BY: HEATHER BLANTON “I said, ‘You look lost. Do you need help?’” Alexis said they soon became friends. “I needed a smaller, family atmosphere, but I didn't know that I needed that until I’d experienced the opposite at another university,” Alexis recalled. RECONNECTING TO JU Years later, the University asked Matt to serve on the Alumni Board of Governors, a group of 20 to 25 individuals, of which he was the youngest at the time, and recommended by Dr. Walker S. Blanton. “There were, and still are, so many people on JU’s boards who really made a difference—Tim Cost, Chuck Wodehouse, Linda Stein. They all took a real shot on a 20-something.” Matt chaired the Governance Committee of the Board in 2006, and was responsible for selecting the Distinguished Alumni of the Year. “I had never done anything like that, was thrown into it, and didn't know what to do exactly. But I took it seriously and personally interviewed all the nominees. I called them, had extensive conversations, and among those on my list was Tim Cost. I asked him an entire panel of questions. That was the first time we ever spoke.” Matt says the two went on to have an interesting and storied relationship, both later appointed to the JU Board of Trustees, at the same time, with Matt eventually serving on the committee that selected Tim Cost as President. Now, after achieving success as a business owner and civic leader, Matt said, “I've run multiple companies, hired lots of people, and the best hire that I've ever been a part of was hiring Tim Cost. No question. I would hire him to do anything.” When Matt reported back to the committee, he recommended Tim Cost without reservation. “I interviewed all of these really amazing JU alumni, and I told the committee that this guy was special.” The first time they met face to face was for the Distinguished Alumni of the Year recognition ceremony. Alexis said, “I didn't stay as connected immediately after graduation. I moved to Chicago and was working at a children's hospital there, establishing my career.” Continued on next page. WAVEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM 33