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A FUTURE SO BRIGHT Wayland, was my best friend in elementary school," said Cami. They formed a connection that she calls serendipitous, one that persists still today. "One of the great things about working for a company like CSX that's serious about serving the communities in which it operates is that its executives are encouraged to engage with community organizations," said Chuck. "From my bosses John Snow, Pete Carpenter, and Michael Ward, I was given the opportunity to serve in a meaningful way, and I was thrilled to be involved with an organization as important to Jacksonville as JU." He and Cami credit the Davis, Stein, and Shircliff families, all major JU donors, for teaching them the value of philanthropy. "Jacksonville is so lucky to have individuals like these, and you can't help but be inspired by the positive impact of their giving. We share their view that philanthropy done well is an investment with outsized returns." In his early days as a trustee, he said there was one fact about JU that always remained true—the University's singular attention to students. But he said there was clearly room for improvement in other areas. "Back when I was president of the University Council, we completed a branding study that called JU a hidden gem.” Chuck said the phrase always bothered him because his vision and hope for the University have always been much larger. “There is no reason that JU shouldn't be recognized as one of our country's great private universities and we should all be proud to identify with it as current alumni, faculty, or in whatever capacity." PROJECTS SUPPORTED BY WODEHOUSE CONTRIBUTIONS: JU FUND PUBLIC POLICY MINORITY FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM Pictured below: Chuck and Cami Wodehouse at the 2017 gathering for the 1934 Club Giving Society held at the Davis Family Ranch. DAVIS COLLEGE OF BUSINESS DISCRETIONARY FUND MEN’S AND WOMEN’S LACROSSE DAVIS EXECUTIVE ADVISORY BOARD SCHOLARSHIP FUND COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT AND SCHOLARSHIPS CHUCK AND CAMI WODEHOUSE SCHOLARSHIPS COMMUNITY OUTREACH FUND MARINE SCIENCE RESEARCH INSTITUTE FLOATING CLASSROOM DAVIS COLLEGE OF BUSINESS FACULTY DEVELOPMENT ADOPT A CLASSROOM - TECHNOLOGY ENHANCEMENT FUND MEN’S GOLF MEN'S BASKETBALL Chuck served on the Board's 2012 presidential search committee knowing that finding the right leadership was a necessary first step to JU realizing its full potential. "A few of us—Ron Autrey '01, John Harrison '67, Fred Pruitt '69/'85, Jack Keigwin—agreed that we needed to think outside the box and find someone with a business background to lead. That's when Tim put his hat in the ring." Describing then-presidential candidate Tim Cost as a business-minded powerhouse among dozens of candidates from academia, Chuck recalls hours of thoughtful conversation and debate. He knew, as did the entire Board, that choosing a university president was essentially a choice about the future trajectory of the institution. "We looked at where his heart was, his skill sets, and his unbelievable energy. Then we met Stephanie, his secret weapon, and knew we couldn't pass him up." Continued on next page. WAVEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM 29