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A FUTURE SO BRIGHT JACKSONVILLE LACROSSE CENTER (JLC) 5 ASPIRE INVESTMENT PROJECTS T H AT S H O W U S T H E F U T U R E O F J U B O L D N E W AT H L E T I C S Representing nearly twenty-five percent of the student body, student- athletes are leaders in all areas of campus, earning more academic and leadership recognition than any other representative student body. ASPIRE has helped the University meet the demand of these exemplary students by creating or renovating athletic facilities. “We looked hard for the highest impact opportunities to improve the lifestyle and the academic/athletic performance of student-athletes,” said President Cost. “Everything from their locker room, their study spaces, their tutoring areas, the places they naturally gather, to where they eat. We are creating physical spaces so that current athletes benefit while future students and their families can see we are literally putting our money into what we believe is the modern Division I student athlete.” Over the past 10 years, JU has executed construction and renovation projects for the athletics department that include the Jacksonville Lacrosse Center (JLC), Historic Swisher Gym, D.B. Milne Field, Autrey Track Complex, Southern Oak Stadium, C.P. Cost Baseball Pavilion, Pruitt Softball Complex, Nimnicht Fitness Center and more. These projects were made possible through volunteer leadership and generous donations. The JLC (pictured above) broke ground this summer and is a $1.875 million facility that includes a 8,600 sq. ft. building that will serve as the new home for both the men's and women's lacrosse programs. It will be located adjacent to the grandstand on the north end of D.B. Milne Field and is scheduled to open Fall 2018. WAVEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM 25