WAVE Magazine 2018 - Page 22

5 ASPIRE INVESTMENT PROJECTS T H AT S H O W U S T H E F U T U R E O F J U GAME- CHANG ING S C H O LAR SH IPS An ASPIRE scholarship is so much more than a check. Each scholarship award gives its recipient a community, mentorship, and, often, a life-changing opportunity for an incredible education. Awarded to incoming freshmen for the duration of their four- year undergraduate careers, ASPIRE scholarships have made a profound impact on the experiences of students while also creating new, more personal, and rewarding relationships between students and donors. "They [Denny Doyle '71 and his wife, Robin] have been my cheerleaders and my support system, and that has been so much more impactful than just a donor who writes a check and I never get to know," said ASPIRE scholarship recipient Savannah Bates '17. "Realizing that someone saw potential in me and wanted to invest in me was monumental, and I think it’s the reason I’ve been so successful." ASPIRE scholarships have removed financial barriers for many of the university's best and brightest, enabling them to pursue success at JU. TO TAL AMOUNT RAISE D DURI NG T HE ASPI RE CAMPAIGN FO R SCHOL ARSHI PS THROY JOESPHS '19 NOOYI SCHOLAR FEATURES